3 Good Reasons to Shave Your Balls Right Now

3 Good Reasons to Shave Your Balls Right Now

So, you are thinking about manscaping... or maybe you haven't really thought about it until today. That's okay, it doesn't make you weird, trust me. We know this stuff is not very mainstream, but it is becoming more and more common for men to take extra care of their privates. And who doesn't love hairless balls? It's the 21st century after all. More and more men (and women) enjoy hair-free and smooth balls. So, get that razor and shave your balls. 

First off, let me tell you one common misconception about shaving the balls. Most people think that you should only shave the actual thing that looks like balls aka ‘the scrotum’. The thing is, you can also shave the penis, the butt, the whole groin area. Not only it will make the whole area look cleaner, but it also feels more comfortable. In fact, it is a lot better to shave the whole area rather than shaving just one part of it. And if you are still skeptical about shaving your balls, listen up, because I am about to tell you why you need to shave your balls right now.

1. Give you that instant confidence boost

Imagine that you have a decade-worth of hair on your balls. Are you feeling the itch already? Ugh, me too. We are no longer living in the stone age where men don’t shave their balls. We are already living in the modern age where men care about grooming themselves and making sure that they look clean - and yes, I am also talking about the parts that most people don’t see: balls. Shaving your balls gives you comfort, and with comfort, comes confidence. Confidence = better performance. You’ll never go wrong with smooth balls. 

2. Your partner will like it (Trust me!)

If you are sexually active, you probably need to start thinking about shaving your balls. Sex with shaved balls will feel more sensual for you and a lot more pleasant to your partner. Of course, no one wants ball hairs stuck on their teeth - this will be very awkward for you and your partner, especially during oral sex. The balder the balls, the better. With shaved balls, sex will be enjoyable, hassle free and great experience. 

3. Improves hygiene

If you don’t want to be the guy who constantly scratches his balls, then you need to seriously start shaving. Having hairy balls will require you to shampoo it more often and takes a lot of time to keep it clean. Plus, having hairy privates is the number one cause of itchiness. When you shave your balls, it is easier to clean and takes less time. 

If you're dead set on giving it a go, we'll give you the same advice we gave our friend: use a fresh blade and a good shaving oil, like Bald Balls Shaving Oil. And leave yourself plenty of time, as you may need to repeat the process a few times before all the hair is gone.

After all, tidy ball is a good ball, am I right? After weighing the benefits of going hairless with your balls, I think we can all agree: shaving is the right choice.