Taking care of the landscape below the belt can feel freeing, give you an instant confidence boost and improve your sex life. Manscaping is a trend that’s hard not to follow.

But what do we mean when we say manscaping?

What is manscaping?
It really just means controlling the hair growth down there instead of letting it run wild. How you choose to do this is up to you. Some men simply trim the hairs back every now and then. Others shave it all. You may want your pubic area to match how you groom the rest of your body hair. It honestly depends on how hairy you are to begin with, what feels good for you, or even what your partner likes. There are no rights and wrongs.

So, let’s say you shaved your balls and you’re feeling smooth. Shaving these additional three areas can be a total game changer:

  • Your penis
  • Your butt
  • Your pubic area

First off, you have two options: a trimmer and a razor [link trimmer vs razor blog]. Use a trimmer if you want a quick trim or shave, and always use it to prep for the razor if the hairs are long. Use a razor if you want it all bare and are looking for a close shave.

How to shave your penis
1. The best place to shave your penis is in the shower
2. Apply shaving oil to the wet skin
3. Gently stretch your penis out full length
4. Shave from base to head
5. Use short, careful strokes while stretching the skin to remove folds
6. Rinse and carefully pat dry. Don’t rub your skin with a towel
7. Apply an aftershave lotion suitable for sensitive skin

How to shave your butt

  1. It’s kind of difficult to see what you are doing in this area. Some men like to use a mirror, others find this confusing and go by touch. Try it out and see what you prefer
  2. Apply shaving oil to wet skin
  3. Shave the buttocks, go with the grain
  4. It might help to prop one leg up or squat down to shave between the cheeks
  5. Pull the cheeks apart using one hand
  6. Use the other hand to shave using short strokes
  7. Rinse, pat dry and apply aftershave lotion

How to shave your pubic area

  1. Apply shaving oil to wet skin
  2. Pull the skin taut with one hand
  3. Use the other to shave with the grain using gentle strokes
  4. Rinse, pat dry and apply aftershave lotion

Pros of going fully bald

  • Smooth, soft skin
  • Improved hygiene down there
  • Less sweat and odors
  • More sensitive during sex = greater pleasure
  • More appealing for oral sex

Cons of going fully bald

  • This shaving routine is going to take some time
  • You’ll have to keep up with this routine regularly
  • Risk irritating the sensitive skin
  • Your partner should be into this look

Keep in mind these body parts are quite delicate and shaving can be quite a tricky process. It requires patience, care and precision. Our general recommendations:

  • Skip it if you’re in a rush
  • Make sure to trim long hairs before shaving
  • Shave in the shower
  • Follow the direction the hairs grow in
  • Unclog your razor regularly
  • Use dedicated products for lubrication and aftercare
  • Reapply these as often as you need or want to

After all, the two most important things we’re aiming for are comfort and confidence.