It’s date night but you haven’t kept up with your manscaping routine; should you shave your balls right before sex or go for it in your current state?

First off: if you have five minutes left before you head out, skip the shave. Your balls are delicate and by rushing over them with a blade you risk hurting yourself and irritating the skin, which won’t help your performance. Relax and go for a quick trim if the situation is too hairy.

That said, if you have a little more time left you can definitely shave your balls before having sex. With proper skincare during and after shaving, you don’t have to worry about irritating the skin. If you shave a few hours beforehand, you can let your aftercare product absorb, do its job and give your skin some time to recover.

The verdict

Shave your balls the day of. Your skin feels smoothest right after shaving, nothing quite beats that sensation. Skip the shave if you’re in a rush.

Here are four benefits of shaving your balls before sex.

1. Use that confidence boost
Taking care of your body and your appearance in positive ways can actually help you appreciate it more. Think of hitting the gym or eating healthy food. Similarly, maintaining a regular grooming routine stimulates a positive body image and is great for your self-esteem.

The resulting confidence boost might even improve your sexual performance!

2. Your partner will like it
Your groomed appearance also signals others that you respect and take care of yourself. This can make you a lot more attractive to your partner. Even long-term relationships, where you’re completely comfortable with each other, making your appearance a priority can help keep the spark alive.

It also shows your partner you’re considerate towards them and care about their wants and needs. Nothing less sexy than having to pick the pubic hairs from your tongue. Shaving also spares your partner any unpleasant odors down there. Especially if you enjoy having your balls touched and licked, shaving them before sex is not a bad idea.

3. Sensual

Without hair getting in the way, you’ll experience a whole new sense of airiness and sensitivity. Sex will physically feel different.

4. Spice things up
Shaving your balls could help spice up your sex life. If you’ve been having sex with the same person for ages, trying something new can help keep things interesting. If it’s the first time
with someone, …

Some positions in which you’ll feel a lot more attractive with shaved balls:

  •  69: face in balls - speaks for itself
  • Blow job: ditto

If you’re feeling creative and strong, mix things up by trying some variations of these positions. You probably know the reclined 69, but have you tried to do it seated, holding your partner upside down? Or, if you’re up for the challenge, supporting them while standing?

To finish us off, remember to trim long hair before shaving, use a sharp blade and a good shaving oil and gently massage some aftershave lotion into the skin afterwards. Take your time, give your balls the love they deserve and use the shaving routine to boost your mood and energize yourself. Go get ‘em!

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